How to choose tools for automatic tracking in affiliate programs

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Kinda give me insight to what to do when i eventually add affliate marketing to my website. And can we not use the Pretty Links plugin and still get the report? If you’re using GA4, you’ll find this report under Reports » Engagement » Events. With Pretty Links, you can redirect that link and make it whatever you want it to be. You create a new URL on your own domain, then redirect it to your ShareASale link. To install the Pretty Links WordPress plugin, go to your website’s dashboard and then click Plugins »Add New.

  • We’re a bit biased, which is why we moved Anytrack to the top of this list, but we believe it is the best affiliate tracking tool on the market.
  • The first affiliate to refer the customer earns commission on the lifetime of the customer.
  • Laurent has been a panelist and speaker at numerous digital marketing events including SEMrush and IG Affiliates.
  • We have been using Universal Analytics for many years which is why we are sad to see it go.

Managing that affiliate team on your own can be a lot of work, however. You need to keep track of each affiliate and their sales and then pay their commission regularly after they start making sales. The best part about it is that you only pay affiliates when they make a sale. It’s a great way to make more money online and grow your revenue. 15+ Free Business Tools See all other free business tools our team has created to help you grow and compete with the big guys. That invalidates URLs that I’ve already shared elsewhere, or I have to create a new redirect from the new /go/ path to the existing PrettyLinks URL.

Should I Track Affiliate Links in 2023?

This includes the influence on the brand, overall performance, and online activity. Common partner activation signals include first deal registration, first closed deal, or generating revenue for a set number of months. It depends on the commission model and role affiliates play in the company’s marketing strategy. And if you’re an affiliate, now you know what question to ask from affiliate program managers.

You can also find out whether certain advertisers do not convert on all devices which can be caused by cross device / app use. An example could be that users click out from the web browser on a mobile and then are automatically redirected to the merchant’s app. There can be cases where these conversions will then not be correctly attributed to your affiliate id. Within this report you can easily spot this because you will then see that these advertisers do not convert at all on mobile.

Do you want to finally get attribution for your affiliate site handled?

You can track multiple different paths, and organize different links however you’d like. To create another path, click the Add Another Link Path button and repeat the process. After installing and activating the plugin, you’ll need to connect it with Google Analytics. The MonsterInsights setup wizard makes it super simple to add Google Analytics tracking code to your website. By creating a converter audience you can start optimizing your Google Ads campaigns by excluding or retargeting converters.

What is affiliate tracking

Though most affiliate marketing software platforms share many of the same features, what sets apart the good platforms from the bad is what’s important. Affiliate tracking tools give you the zest you need to take your affiliate strategy to the next level. No more relying on blind guesses and gut feelings — affiliate tracking software arms you with cold hard data and automation to reach your revenue goals.

Once you know which pieces of content generate the most revenue, you can build a strategy that capitalizes on that information by repeating previous successes. Dead links are useless to an affiliate; when links lead to 404 pages, the customer hits a brick wall. Publishers miss out on sales and give their readers a bad experience. It’s estimated that publishers and brands lose millions of clicks to link rot every month. Link rot is when a deep link decays and no longer earns money for a publisher. Brands credit publishers and affiliates for conversions in different ways.

What is affiliate tracking

If you’re wondering how to find bloggers in your niche to network and grow your business, this post offers detailed advice on the matter. Google Tag Manager is a tag management system which aims to efficiently update and add website tags. Tags are code fragments that measure traffic and visitor behavior. GTM provides users with ample opportunities to safely and easily deploy analytics affiliate marketing tracking management and measurement tag configurations in their projects. So, when a user completes a conversion after clicking on a unique tracking link, the system sends the postback with the transaction ID to the conversion tracking system. Once the link is clicked by the customer, it tracks purchases for a period of time – and pays the affiliate a commission for each conversion made.

Conduct a content audit by analyzing every page on your website and think of ways to get more high-quality traffic. Level up in marketing analytics with our live sessions and on-demand webinars. Please keep in mind that all comments are moderated according to our privacy policy, and all links are nofollow. You’ve got to have a ton of expertise in lots of different areas, and it’s easy to get distracted from what you do well.

What is affiliate tracking

It also has a dedicated dashboard that tracks the performance of your campaign. Offerslook is, for many affiliate networks, the best affiliate tracking software solution and has earned its place on this list. You can track conversions and monitor your affiliates’ results smoothly through the platform based on revenue. Another fantastic affiliate tracking software is LeadDyno, a platform that has tracked over 240 million referrals since 2014. Through LeadDyno, ecommerce brands can quickly and easily create tracking links for campaigns and monitor visitors, leads, sales, and even cancellations. Put simply, affiliate tracking software is an online tool that provides all the tools necessary to track, manage, and thereby grow all aspects of their affiliate marketing program and campaigns.

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