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Erlang Web Applications: Problem Design Solutions by Nick Gerakines

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Engineering teams can use Django to quickly stand up applications with core features in order to focus on developing new features. A modern toolkit, including a powerful queue library, routing, simple authentication and amazing Object Relational Model to deliver an amazing application. Processes are also able to communicate with other processes running on different machines in the same network.

erlang web applications problem design solutions

It abstracts away operating system processes, bringing the notion to the language level. All the computations in Erlang are done within those abstract processes. Of course, Erlang wasn’t the first language to take this route. However, its design exploits such abstraction to its fullest. To get to Elixir, we first have to start with its predecessor, Erlang. Therefore, let’s move to the stormy shores of Scandinavia.

Flask Web Development, 2nd Edition

The fact that I learned about Nitrogen and web security was almost an after thought. Serious learning wrapped in a fresh, fun package that kept me reading to the end. It abstracts HTML and web design solutions JavaScript into syntactically consistent elements and actions; preserves the scalability benefits of Erlang. You’ll get to talk with our awesome delivery team on your very first call.

  • Lasp-lang/partisan – High-performance, high-scalability distributed computing for the BEAM.
  • In this article we cover the ins and outs of Elixir, starting with a general description and a brief history before launching into the many benefits that come with using this language.
  • Go programming language is good for multi-core machines and handling a large amount of data.
  • These technologies take less development or configuration time but the hosting of PHP is much more affordable in comparison to other technologies, also it is best for simple use cases.
  • As a matter of fact, Erlang also took a lot of inspiration from logical programming.
  • I suggest that you use Couch base server whereby your data will simply be JSON documents, schemaless and can be evolved as your application grows.

AMQP. Erlang uses message passing between processes instead of allowing locks over shared resources. It also has so-called mailboxes, which are queues attached to every process. As the process handles the messages, mailboxes get emptied. An overflowing mailbox can be interactively inspected in runtime, enabling great maintenance flexibility. Inspired by experiments with Smalltalk language, it preceded message queue systems.

When was Erlang invented?

Not only is Elixir easy to read and learn, but the Elixir community is hugely supportive and is continually creating libraries and reusable code that’s solid, tested, and robust. Elixir’s relative newness also means the libraries are fresher and the environment is cleaner to work in. Other notable characteristics of the language are reliability, scalability, fault tolerance, and user-friendliness. Erlang is a versatile language, and there are many things that you can accomplish through it. However, Erlang shouldn’t be used for tasks that constantly require performance optimization. It should also not be used for low-level processes like parsing and string transforming .

Many authors use Leanpub to publish their books in-progress, while they are writing them. All readers get free updates, regardless of when they bought the book or how much they paid . This article may make reference to the Gaslight team—that’s still us! We go by Launch Scout now, this article was just written before we re-introduced ourselves. These concurrent threads improve communication and efficiency. These have a very low memory footprint, i.e., Erlang VM can run millions of threads simultaneously without overloading the system.

Game of Phones: History of Erlang and Elixir

For example, there are several tools intended for working within a shell, such as user_default and ~/.erlang. Testing tools include QuickCheck and Proper, among others, and debugging platforms such as rebug are used for debugging purposes. These are just some of the ways to support development with Erlang.

All these properties were great from the programming language theory standpoint, but there was a problem – the systems run via Prolog meta-interpreters were painfully slow. To address this performance issue, a virtual machine called JAM (Joe’s Abstract Machine) was introduced and implemented in C by Mike Williams. It was good enough for industrial prototypes, but performance was still an issue. Thus, the design of Erlang also provides developers with a way to update configurations and even modules live. A key design aspect of Erlang as a language is that of a process.

erlang web applications problem design solutions

While Erlang isn’t that difficult for a seasoned developer to learn, the language isn’t widely used. Unless you operate in a major tech capital like San Francisco, you’ll probably have some difficulty finding a developer specializing in the language who will work on-site. But there’s a considerable number of Erlang developers working remotely around the world. An important aspect of Erlang is that it allows you to effectively use distributed programming. It has message parsing that allows data transfer without using shared memory. The applications and systems developed using Erlang and OTP are more adaptable and result-oriented.

Erlang Web Applications: Problem Design Solutions

Erlang might be a great language, but it is also one of the most dreaded, according to a Stack Overflow survey. Once computers became more and more alike, the idea of playing video games using them became more appealing. In 1994, Sony released PlayStation featuring a separate processor that was crunching the video rendered in games, coining the term “GPU”. Setting popular games aside, the necessity to extend the capabilities of computers goes as far as the mid-forties.

In this article we cover the ins and outs of Elixir, starting with a general description and a brief history before launching into the many benefits that come with using this language. You’ll learn about Elixir use cases, including how Discord and leveraged the unique capabilities of Elixir to great success. Finally, we’ll examine the future of Elixir and how to navigate its use when finding Elixir experts can be challenging. A passion for the language and willingness to work with other developers are also essential soft skills for an Erlang developer.

erlang web applications problem design solutions

Top-flight companies like WhatsApp, Lonely Planet, Moz and Pinterest are programming with Elixir, and Bowst is no exception. We’ve used it to help companies like the MBTA overcome complex application requirements and data-intensive systems. The Sr Principal Erlang Engineer will apply expert technical knowledge and engineering principles in the development of products and solutions. Provide mentorship to other engineers for technical issues, design reviews, and sophisticated problem resolution. We are looking for a Sr PrincipalErlang Engineer who has experience building horizontally scalable systems, with large user bases. I’ve found that both Python and Django allow developers to make poor decisions when they’re architecting a web application.


Atleast there are several ways of load-balancing infront of web servers. An OTP application doesnot necessary have to have gen_servers. But as you will learn, you will discover, really, where you need parallelisation or where you need sequential code. Its however, worrying that you want to use something which you have not yet mastered.

Then, in a failed attempt to make a flight simulator machine called “Whirlwind”, significant proceedings were made in the field of reliable magnetic data storage. Since their origin in telecommunications, Erlang and its VM have gone a long way. But everything that we think of as great was set in motion more than 20 years ago, through the power of permissive design and good decision making. Django takes care of all your web development tasks, including site maps, RSS feeds, content administration, user authentication and more. Envoyer – lets you to deploy your application very rapidly. Modify settings accordingly in order to improve performance.

Which One is The Right Technology For The Application?

I would like to build a fault-tolerant soft real-time web application for a pizza delivery shop. It should help the pizza shop to accept phone calls from customers, put them as orders into the system and help the dispatchers to assign delivery drivers to the orders. MongooseIM is Erlang Solutions’ robust, scalable and efficient XMPP server, aimed at large installations. Specifically designed for enterprise purposes, it is fault-tolerant and can utilise the resources of multiple clustered machines.

What is Elixir?

When you access a website there is little concurrency involved. A few connections are opened and requests are sent through these connections. Your browser will only open up to 4 or 8 connections to the server, depending on your settings.

A distributed MQTT message broker based on Erlang/OTP. Keymone/wower – yet another world of warcraft server emulator. Sheyll/erlymock – An EasyMock inspired mocking library for erlang. Edgurgel/poxa-erlang – Open Pusher server implementation compatible with Pusher libraries. Jimmyrcom/HTML5-Canvas-Old-School-RPG-Map-with-Erlang-Websockets-Chat – You can make MMOs now using html thanks to google.

Ostinelli/misultin – Misultin (pronounced mee-sool-téen) is an Erlang library for building fast lightweight HTTP servers, which also supports websockets. Scalability — Elixir software applications want to be efficient by making the best use possible of all the cores in a CPU. Nothing special needs to be written; the Erlang VM handles the resource distribution automatically. In past years, multi-core CPUs were expensive, but cost has reduced significantly, making them a great choice when using Elixir. Pattern matching — This incredibly powerful feature replaces imperative code with declarative, making code less prone to error and more readable — thus more maintainable.

Being able to push code updates live gives an app an incredibly cutting-edge feel. Distribution is a key part of building a fault tolerant system, because it allows you to handle bigger failures, like a whole server going down, or even a data center entirely. It means we want the operations done as quickly as possible, and in the case of web applications, it means we want the data propagated fast. As Alice might attest, using an elixir is the best solution to any scaling issue. Finally, Erlang is compatible by construction with functional programming. As a matter of fact, Erlang also took a lot of inspiration from logical programming.

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